About us

We are a company dedicated to the commercialization of a variety of products with more than 20 years in the market.

We offer our grocery products with Invima registration. Wood, groceries, hardware, electronic and ferrous scrap.

We have all the logistics and the necessary infrastructure and the suitable personnel for the exploitation and commercialization of all our products, guaranteeing fulfillment in the deliveries of the dates agreed.

We make dispatches for exportacones, with all the documentation required by the competent authorities, both in origin and destination.

Our company


To offer our customers always the best attention and quality in all the variety of our products and services, with the experience that characterizes us as traders and exporters since you are the ones that allow us to grow more every day making a difference.


To be the main choice for our customers, and thus be able to provide the best service nationally and internationally with the goal of promoting all our variety of products to many countries offering excellent quality service to an increasingly demanding market that is the reason for our existence. We will continue to aim at launching new products.